how to send big files through whatsapp



in thisvideo i will tell you
“how to send large files up to 1gb on whatsapp without rooting in android device”

follow this steps: to send bigger file than 16 mb in whatsapp you need on e of this software is “WhatsTools”,so first download and install this software in android phone

step 1=open play store and serch for “WhatsTools: Share File Via IM’ -than simply download and install “WhatsTools: Share File Via IM” in you your device

step 2=after completing installation of “WhatsTools: Share File Via IM”in your device open this app

step 3=than slide left for four times.after that you will see “get started” at bottom ,so ust click on “get started. -and than you will see “turn on” at bottom again,so click on “turn on”. -and than it will show you two options “go back” and ok “continue”,so choose “ok continue”.when you will click on continue ,you will give this software permission to tun in background.

step 3=tunrn on “WhatTools service”.

step 4=after turning on “WhatTools service” it will ask to connect with google drive,so click on “click here to sign in” to connect with google drive and than follow the instruction as shown in video.

step 5=to share file via whats tool you have to chose that file which you want to send and than share it by choosing whats tool. and than click on share

step 6=after clicking on share it will generate one link and than it will give you some option(whatsapp,gmail,hangout,skype etc…) ,so choose “whatsapp” and send generated link to your whatsapp friend.